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At Foresta Rincón Multidisciplinary Center, we strive to be a sanctuary for children in today’s changing and challenging world. We offer a full and immersive experience that both fulfills the educational requirements to meet today’s needs – and challenges students to excel – while simultaneously respecting and celebrating the whole child. Foresta Rincon supports and nourishes a full and vibrant childhood, where children learn about themselves, expand and challenge their minds, and experience the freedom to play and discover the world about them.

We appreciate that every child has their unique learning style, temperament, and range of abilities and tendencies. Our small teacher-to-student ratios allow us to build positive relationships with each and every student, whereby we can cater to individual needs and offer the inclusive environment that children deserve. Lots of outside space, hands-on instruction in a joyful learning environment, enriching extra-curricular activities, freedom to create and self-express, and regular field trips exploring the beautiful island of Puerto Rico – you can trust that your child is in good hands, living their best life.

Our innovative bilingual school offers daily classes designed for children ages 4-15, in a fully-immersive, bilingual environment that is linguistically enriching for children from both Spanish and English speaking homes.

We take a holistic approach to the growth and development of each individual child, offering an integrated arts and project-based curriculum that takes place within the context of a healthy and fulfilling social life, embracing the realities, beauty, and vulnerabilities of our natural world.

Early Years

Our play-based program, Learning Through Play, sparks children’s natural curiosity and instills the joy of learning through singing, dancing, art, storying-telling, cultural celebrations, yoga/mindfulness, green studies, and excursions around our campus. We foster holistic development through physical, social-emotional, language, cognitive, creative, cultural experiences.

Primary Years

We inspire students to connect with their environment, chase adventure, and pursue their passions. It’s a time for fun, laughter, exploration, and inquiry, while building relationships, expressing creativity, and getting dirty. Primary students strive to master core competencies in math and literacy in a highly supportive learning environment. Student-guided, hands-on projects promote critical thinking, environmental education, practical skills, and the arts.

Middle School

Our middle school curriculum is centered around teaching our students how to take control of their own learning, and inspire innovation, creativity, self-mastery, and purpose. We focus on teaching students to ask the right questions and confidently search for answers, and encourage them to express their thoughts and findings in increasingly mature and academic ways. Middle school integrates units for proficiency in order to prepare students for high school, in both academic and psycho-emotional aspects.

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We are excited to be in our first year in our new campus – an entirely outdoor, shady location, easily accessible from the town, with plenty of space to imagine and grow. Our classes take place beneath the trees and on wooden platforms, in our beautiful, organic canvas, bell tents, that offer plenty of fresh air, natural light, and a calm ambience for learning…

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