Our Campus

A Natural Learning Environment

Nestled beneath the palm trees and just steps away from the beach in quiet Puntas, Rincon, Foresta Rincón Multidiciplirary Center is a place of wonder, creativity, learning and adventure.

Step onto our lush, jungle school campus and you’ll hear the sounds of children laughing, actively engaged in learning and play as they explore their environment and natural curiosity. Our school promotes students’ outdoor activities to provide valuable skills relevant to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, while developing social skills.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our campus has termporarly moved from our Puntas location to our Downtown location. We are planning on returning to our beautiful campus in nature this spring.

Constant Hygiene Promotion

Teachers will hold group discussions with students about the disease. They explain explaining that the students don’t need to be afraid, and they are telling them what they can do to be coronavirus fighters, such as covering sneezes and coughs with their elbows, and letting an adult know if they feel sick.

Teacher will also lead hand-washing and basic hygiene lessons for students. The students will par-take in hand-washing breaks every few hours, and signs are posted about hand-washing and disease transmission prevention.

As students leave for the school day, they will assist by clean their desks, classroom doorknobs, and other high-touch surfaces. In the kindergarten classroom, teachers are using disposable gloves to help children with snack and lunch.